• Classic Hopi and Zuni Kachina Figures

The old-style carvers imported not only beauty to their figures but also, through their artistry, distinct individual character.  These figures have the power to draw us in with their mesmerizing lifelike presence that is both stirring and naturalistic.  Photographed in natural light, their sense of movement and drama, passion and personality are revealed.  They transmit a depth, something from within that transcends their status as carved objects, possessing what some have called the spiritual in art.

All but one of the Pueblos has kachina societies but Zuni and Hopi are the two communities among them that historically have offered kachina carvings to outsiders. Presented here are some eighty-five rare, classic era (1880s-1940s) Hopi and Zuni carved dolls from private and public collections and thirty landscape photographs to give context to the kachinas.  As Barton Wright has pointed out, it is the land that created the need for kachinas in the first place, and the two remain inseparable.

Photographs by Andrea Portago | Text by Barton Wright

173 pages, Museum of New Mexico Press

Classic Hopi and Zuni Kachina Figures

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