Horacio Cordova

As a native of the Mimbres valley of Southwestern New Mexico, H. Cordova grew up in a rich culture of Spanish and Native American influences.  Inspired by the forms and designs of ancient art, he uses both traditional and contemporary techniques and materials to produce his distinctive work.

Statement: As an Artists it is my hope that a viewer of my work will be touched by the aesthetics of ancient art, through an eclectic assembly of ancient visual elements.  It is my expectation that my work will awaken in the viewer a connection with his ancestral past.  As a child and young man in the early 1960's growing up in the Mimbres Valley, in Southwestern New Mexico, I became familiar with the art of  the Mimbres people.  Many of their incredible black on white pottery was found on my grandfather's ranch.  These wonderful works of art were my original inspiration, which led towards studying the art of many different prehistoric peoples and ultimately to my current style.

-H. Cordova's website

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