Marnella Kucate

Marnella Kucate is a member of the Sheche family of Zuni fetish carvers. She was taught to carve by her grandparents, Thelma and Aaron Sheche. Marnella’s carvings are in the traditional Sheche / Kucate style. Marnella’s carvings are highly polished and detailed. Lena Boone is the matriarch of the Boone/Weahkee family of Zuni carvers. She is the granddaughter of Teddy Weahkee and the daughter of Edna Leki, the first Zuni woman to support herself by carving.  Lena's work has been featured in publications and museum exhibits. She participates in the SWAIA Indian Market and at the Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market. Lena's carvings are simple and traditional with great attention to detail. Her work is distinguished by the use of many different materials, including fossilized coral, opal, satin spar gypsum, gold slag, and glass.

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