• Before Pecos, Settlement Aggregation at Rowe, New Mexico

Anthropological Papers No. 6, Maxwell Museum of Anthropology, University of New Mexico (219 pages plus illustrations and front matter)

Author:  Linda S. Cordell

Date: 1998

Description:   This volume reports the results of investigations at Rowe Pueblo, located about 7 km from Pecos, and the general Pecos region, work carried out in the early 1980s by the University of New Mexico and collaborating institutions and landowners.  The book consists of four parts: the first describes the UNM investigations at Rowe; the second consists of a reproduction of Carl Guthe’s notebook from his 1917 work at the site; the third includes three analytical chapters on fauna, ceramics, and paleoethnobotany; and the fourth presents results of the UNM field school survey of the Pecos area.

Before Pecos, Settlement Aggregation at Rowe, New Mexico

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